Guns N Roses

Guns N Roses

Buy Tickets for Guns N Roses Not In This Lifetime World tour.

Guns N’ Roses' touring will continue into 2020. The legendary band will invade Europe this summer, performing throughout the continent in May and June.


Guns N Roses

Buy Tickets for Guns N Roses...

Guns N' Roses are headlining a huge London show in 2020.

The rock legends will perform at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on May 29th & 30th.



Prices are subject to change - Please check prices at time of booking. Tickets are guaranteed in pairs.


The band has released six studio albums: Appetite For Destruction in 1987, G N' R Lies in 1988, Use Your Illusion I and Use Your Illusion II in 1991, The Spaghetti Incident? (a covers album) in 1993 and, after 15 years and with only one member of the original lineup remaining, Chinese Democracy in 2008. They also released a live EP titled Live Like A Suicide in 1986.

Stemming from the LA rock underground, the ugly lyrics matched the sleaze of the music - driven by heavy blues licks - covering misogyny, violence, city life, sex, liquor, and hard drugs. They also, however, had a tendency to show sensitivity and a desire to break free from the city. Subsequent albums revealed influence from bands in the vein of The Rolling Stones and Queen.

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